What is the HappyCSGO.com?

HappyCSGO.com is a website for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans, where everybody can buy CS:GO cases. What makes us different? You will get GUARANTEED prizes.

1. General terms and questions
  1. How to play a game?
    • Log in to your account
    • Enter the right link for an exchange in Settings (get it there).
    • Open your inventory in Steam. (You can do it there).
  2. 2. How to top up?
    • Top up using VISA or MasterCard bank cards.
    • Top up using QIWI, Paypal, Yandex Money or Webmoney e-Wallets.
    • Top up using skins.
  3. How to top up using skins?
    • Choose the items you want to replenish the balance.
    • Seconds after our bot makes an offer and take items from your account.
    • As soon as you confirm the trade via a website and smartphone, your bill is replenished.
  4. How you set the price?
    We regularly update the prices and use average market price. Skins prices may differ from Steam marketplace.
  5. What is the min and max sum of replenishment?
    You can replenish your account with any amount of money.
  6. What is a promo code?
    This is special alphanumeric code. Each promo code carries a certain amount of money you can use to fill up the balance.
  7. How can i get a promo code?
    • You can change collected points using a catalog.
    • Win a contest in a Facebook (VKontakte) group.
  8. How to earn points on a website?
    You can earn them by completing tasks in GIFT application (you can find it on the right side).
  9. What is the guaranteed prize?
    Guaranteed prize - is a reward (weapon or knife), that you will get with a 100% chance. No matter you get in the case, guaranteed prize helps to recoup your money.
  10. How to recieve the guaranteed prize?
    You should write to support with a subject: «Want to obtain the guaranteed prize». Support will add a prize to your account in a few hours.
  11. How to get a prize from a case?
    We deliver items in auto mode. To get your weapon you should open your Steam inventory and enter the right link for an exchange in Settings.
  12. In what time I should accept the offering?
    You should accept an item in 24 hours. Otherwise, it will be unavailable.
  13. What is the “bonus balance”?
    This is a gift from a website for account replenishment or mistakes we make delivering your prize.
  14. I have a problem. Where should I write?
    We’re ready to solve your problems. Just write a letter with a right subject to our support service
  15. When can I write to a support service?
    Support service working 24/7 and always ready to help. We’re trying to answer for 2-4 hours.
2. Items delivery questions
  1. Why I did not get the case item?
    • Your exchange link is invalid.
    • You have a trade ban.
    • Steam errors.
    • You did not accept the offering in 24 hours.
    If you still did not get the case item contact the support. Choose the “Delivering problems” topic.
  2. In what time I should recieve items?
    You should accept an offering in 20 minutes. Otherwise it will be sold, money from sale will go to your account.
  3. How to re-send an item?
    To re-send an item you should choose “My orders” section and press the re-send button.
  4. Why I did not get the guaranteed prize?
    Obviously, you forgot to write a message to support with right topic.
  5. How you choose, which guaranteed prize I will get?
    You can look at offers on the main page, we update them daily. They will help you to understand, which guaranteed prize you get.
  6. I have a trade ban, but I want to use second or friend account to get an item.
    Impossible. In order to avoid cheating, we send items to one account. To solve this problem you should contact the support.
3. Service commision

We’re unique. We have no commision. Pay for cases only.

4. Bonus balance

Promo balance is: everyday bonus/free case and promocodes. You can find it in “My orders” tab.

Case opening: first will be charge promo balance, if you don’t have enough, then money will charge from main balance.

Your bonus balance can’t be more then 2x bigger than main balance.

Promo code is an image. This is done for avoid cheating and fake account using.

5. How to get a promo code and replenish the balance
  1. How to get a promo code?
    • You can change collected points using a catalog.
    • Win a contest in a Facebook (VKontakte) group.
    If you change collected points using a catalog, you will receive a promo code on e-Mail.
  2. How to activate a promo code?
    You should enter a promo code to the special form. You can find it in “My Orders” tab.
6. How to get bonus points and prizes for case opening videos and nickname hashtag?

You can get additional bonus points and prizes for YouTube case opening videos on our website or Steam nickname hashtag.

  1. How to get a bonus for a video?
    To get a bonus you should send a link to the support.
  2. Getting bonus conditions
    To get a bonus you should do two simple actions: Firstly, in the video should be your nickname on a website. Secondly, before video capturing you should replenish the balance.
  3. How to get a bonus for a hashtag?
    You should put our hashtag #csgohappy on your Steam nickname and contact the support.
7. How to communicate with the support.
  1. Prohibited to abuse, humiliate or threaten support managers.
  2. Prohibited to begging.
  3. Prohibited to cheating, betray yourself as a manager or administrator.
  4. Prohibited to racism and nationalism statements.
  5. Prohibited to propagate drugs, alcohol and violence.
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